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Sun-Lite insulated panels are factory prefabricated panels designed expressly to transmit maximum solar radiation, yet insulate! They are lightweight, shatterproof, and require minimum maintenance for long term performance. The panels are 1-1/2" thick and are made from our famous Sun-Lite® glass fiber reinforced sheet used in thousands of solar applications worldwide. Engineered to resist the rigors of high sunlight and heat exposure fatal to most glazing materials. Unlike thermoplastic glazing, Sun-lite resists long wave radiation (greenhouse effect.) Sun-Lite® insulated panels in stock sizes. Traditional wood, or our own aluminum Clamp-tite system can be used for rapid insulation.
So if your designing a solar greenhouse, site built collector, or require the most efficient solar window for your passive system, insist on Sun-Lite® insulated glazing panels.

Available in Sun-Lite® Face sheets at 84% Light Transmission
or Translucent White Face Sheets at 20% Light Transmission, (great for interior shoji screens)


Build Your Own Greenhouse/Solarium/Sun Room/ Using Sun-Lite® Pre-fab Solar Glazing Panels


These items must ship by motor freight. Please call (603) 668-8186 for freight quote.

1-1/2" X 2' X 8'_____________#02150_______$ 240.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 4'_____________#02080_______$ 225.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 6'_____________#02090_______$ 312.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 8'_____________#02100_______$ 415.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 10'____________#02110_______$ 520.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 12'____________#02120_______$ 689.00 (Call for freight quote)
1-1/2" X 4' X 14'____________#02130_______$ 789.00 (Call for freight quote)




Installation Aids

These items must ship by motor freight. Please call (603) 668-8186 for freight quote.

2" Top Batten. Used for clamping and sealing the seam between two1/2" Sun-Lite Glazing Panels. Inner edge serrated for holding glazing tape (#03100) in place.

Top Batten

2" Double Batten. Used for
clamping and sealing the
seam between two Sun-Lite 1-1/2" Glazing Panels. Inner surface is serrated for tight
sealant attachment of Glazing Tape (#03100).

Double Batten

1" x 3" Aluminum Angle. Used for securing and covering panels
around their perimeter.

1" x 3" Angle

2" x 2" Aluminum Angle. Multiple uses include outside corners, clip angles
perimeter closure, collector racks, etc.

2" x 2" Angle


Click here for suggested panel installation details                                                                                    

Glazing Tape Seals Glazing Panels
Made of tough butyl based elastic compound with a gauze reinforcement to provide excellent
dimensional stability. Excellent initial tack with good adhesion to most clean surfaces. Develops
a strong bond in service with excellent resistance to water and water vapor. The materials remain
plastic indefinitely and has a service temperature range of -30 degrees F to 200 degrees F. Jet Black
color. Suggested for use on all glazing panel installations.

Glazing Tape 1/8" Thick x 3/8" Wide x 79' Long Roll______#03100_____$19.95


Hex Head Sealing Screw
These rugged #14 screws are all cadnium plated with neoprene washers for self sealing and prolonged
exterior use. 1-3/16" long used to fasten top section to bottom section of aluminum double batten
(#04100-#04140). Also used to fasten aluminum angle (#04300-04340) to curb.
2-3/8" long screws used for fastening 2" top batten (#04100-#04140) directly to support in 1/2" Sun-Lite
Glazing Panel installations.

1-3/16" package of 20_____#03520_____$ 7.35


2-3/8" package of 20______#03530_____$10.50

Flat Head Screws
Stainless steel with phillips slot in flat head. Good for a variety of installation needs. 2-3/8" size is used
for attaching bottom section of the aluminum double batten (#04300-#04340) to wood support.

1" package of 20_________­__#03550_________$ 4.25


1-3/16" package of 20_______#03560_________$ 5.25

2-3/8" package of 20________#03570_________$ 6.35

3-1/2" package of 20________#03580_________$10.50

Do-It-Yourself Flashband Waterproofs Difficult Roof Jobs
Flashband is a self-adhesive aluminum faced asphalt tape which sticks to almost any surface - wood, shingles asphalt, glass, metal - permanently. An indispensable aid to the roofer because of it's versatile sealing and waterproofing properties. Flashband can be used to repair flashings or can be used as flashing on its own. Will seal and waterproof skylights, window and door frames, air conditioning units, solar collectors, ventilators and chimneys. It's aluminum facing is a decorative feature which makes the finished job very attractive. Molds easily to irregular surfaces. The do-it-yourselfer will find it invaluable around the house. Non toxic, can also be used to graft plants.

2" Wide x 33' roll______#03590______$18.00


3" Wide x 33' roll______#03600______$26.00

6" Wide x 33' roll______#03610______$45.00

Kalwall® Weatherable Surface
Kalwall Weatherable Surface (KWS) is a two part air dried coating material factory applied to the exterior
of all Sun-Lite® HP fiberglass reinforced polymer sheeting. It should be reapplied, usually every 10 years
after initial installation, to restore the original luster and finish which may have become dulled or roughened due to prolonged exposure to weather, airborne pollutants, or chemicals in the atmosphere. Apply with brush or roller. Coverage approximately 150 square feet per gallon.

1 Gallon Kit______#03710_____$139.00