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Fiberglass Solar Glazing and Greenhouse Covering

Many of our solar energy products are made from Sun-Lite® HP fiberglass glazing, a one-of-a-kind, high performance solar glazing material. Developed by Kalwall Corporation, Sun-Lite® HP is a lightweight, shatter-resistant low-cost solar glazing material that can be easily handled, cut and installed. Thousands of do-it-yourselfers, greenhouse builders, solar manufacturers, fish farmers, solar aquatic waste water treatment facilities and others throughout the world are successfully using Sun-Lite® HP in a variety of applications. Sun-Lite® HP is the only non-glass glazing product of its kind engineered to resist the causes of severe molecular deterioration damaging to other plastics commonly used in solar applications.  Also a great choice for greenhouses and coldframes. 


Our product is a high performance solar glazing that is ideal for direct gain applications, water storage walls, solar attics, trombe walls, hydronic collectors, air collectors, batch heaters, greenhouses, cold frames, sunspaces and much more. Our product is lightweight, shatterproof, has a solar transmission of 85-90%, superior impact strength, and is easily cut, handled and installed. Sun-Lite® is the perfect solar glazing material for the do-it-yourself builder. Roll sizes range from:

3' - 5' widths x 25' & 50' lengths. Thickness of .040" and .060".

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Download Our Low Cost Gardening, Greenhouse and Solar Projects Booklet using Sun-Lite® HP Solar Glazing.