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Fiberglass Solar Glazing and Greenhouse Covering

Many of our solar energy products are made from Sun-Lite® HP fiberglass glazing, a one-of-a-kind, high performance solar glazing material. Developed by Kalwall Corporation, Sun-Lite® HP is a lightweight, shatter-resistant low-cost solar glazing material that can be easily handled, cut and installed. Thousands of do-it-yourselfers, greenhouse builders, solar manufacturers, fish farmers, solar aquatic waste water treatment facilities and others throughout the world are successfully using Sun-Lite® HP in a variety of applications. Sun-Lite® HP is the only non-glass glazing product of its kind engineered to resist the causes of severe molecular deterioration damaging to other plastics commonly used in solar applications.  Also a great choice for greenhouses and coldframes. 


Our product is a high performance solar glazing that is ideal for direct gain applications, water storage walls, solar attics, trombe walls, hydronic collectors, air collectors, batch heaters, greenhouses, cold frames, sunspaces and much more. Our product is lightweight, shatterproof, has a solar transmission of 85-90%, superior impact strength, and is easily cut, handled and installed. Sun-Lite® is the perfect solar glazing material for the do-it-yourself builder. Roll sizes range from

3' - 5' widths x 8' - 50' lengths. Thickness of .040" and .060".
Sun-Lite Technical Brochure

 Sun-Lite® HP
Size Catalog Number Price
.040" X 3' X 8' Sunlite HP #01400 $ 80.00
.040" X 3' X 10' Sunlite HP #01410 $ 86.00
.040" X 3' X 25' Sunlite HP #01420 $195.00
.040" X 3' X 50' Sunlite HP #01430 $380.00
.040" X 4' X 8' Sunlite HP #01500 $ 100.00
.040" X 4' X 10' Sunlite HP #01510 $110.00
.040" X 4' X 25' Sunlite HP #01520 $250.00
.040" X 4' X 50' Sunlite HP #01530 $485.00
.040" X 49 1/2" X 8' Sunlite HP #01600 $ 102.00
.040" X 49 1/2" X 10' Sunlite HP #01610 $112.00
.040" X 49 1/2" X 25' Sunlite HP #01620 $255.00
.040" X 49 1/2" X 50' Sunlite HP #01630 $495.00
.040" X 5' X 8' Sunlite HP #01720 $ 108.00
.040" X 5' X 10' Sunlite HP #01730 $128.00
.040" X 5' X 25' Sunlite HP #01700 $285.00
.040" X 5' X 50' Sunlite HP #01710 $595.00
.060" X 4' X 8' Sunlite HP #01800 $115.00
.060" X 4' X 10' Sunlite HP #01810 $130.00
.060" X 4' X 25' Sunlite HP #01820 $265.00
.060" X 4' X 50' Sunlite HP #01830 $525.00
.060" X 49 1/2" X 8' Sunlite HP #01850 $116.00
.060" X 49 1/2" X 10' Sunlite HP #01860 $132.00
.060" X 49 1/2" X 25' Sunlite HP #01870 $275.00
.060" X 49 1/2" X 50' Sunlite HP #01840 $545.00

1-1/2" thick x 4' wide Angel Hair Insulation
Light transmitting fiberglass insulation. Great for placing between two layers of  Sun-Lite® HP.
Still allows enough light through for plant growth but adds added insulation for cold
weather growing. Sold by the linear foot.
48" wide Angel Hair Insulation ______#01211______$3.20 per lin. ft. (minimum order 8' lin. ft.)


We can custom cut ONLY the LENGTH of the SUN-LITE HP listed above in 12" increments for a charge of $2.50 per sq. ft. - .040" and $2.75 per sq. ft. - .060".

Installation Suggestions

1-1/2" Flat Aluminum Batten Strip
8' Long______#04030_____$13.25 each (minimum order 6)

10' Long_____
#04020_____$14.25 each (minimum order 6) 

12' Long_____#04010_____$15.25 each (minimum order 6) 

3/4" x 3/4" Aluminum Angle
For use as closure angle on Sun-Lite® Sheeting.

3/4" x 3/4" Angle 10' Long_____#04650_____$16.50 each (minimum order 6)


Hex Head Sealing Screws
1-3/16" Long Package of 20_____#03520_____$ 7.35

2-3/8" Long Package of 20______#03530_____$10.50

Glazing Tape Seals Glazing Panels
Made of tough butyl based elastic compound with a gauze reinforcement to provide excellent
dimensional stability. Excellent initial tack with good adhesion to most clean surfaces. Develops
a strong bond in service with excellent resistance to water and water vapor. The materials remain
plastic indefinitely and has a service temperature range of -30 degrees F to 200 degrees F. Jet Black
color. Suggested for use on all glazing panel installations.

Glazing Tape 1/8" Thick x 3/8" Wide x 79' Long Roll______#03100_____$19.95


Galvanized "Stormguard" Sealing Head Nails
Used for installing Sun-Lite® fiberglass sheeting. Highly resistant to stains, streaks and rust.
Double dipped in zinc with neoprene washers for self sealing. Can also be used to fasten
aluminum absorber sheets. Packaged in 5 pound boxes.

1-3/4" Long (approx. 550 nails)______#03500_____$24.95

2-1/2" Long (approx. 410 nails)______#03510_____$26.95

Download Our Low Cost Gardening, Greenhouse and Solar Projects Booklet using Sun-Lite® HP Solar Glazing.


8 1/2 x 11, 288 pages

This book includes many low cost uses for our Sun-Lite® Material. Highly recommended for the cost-conscious solar gardener! The versatility of our Sun-Lite® material allowed us to develop several unique concepts and products for gardening enthusiasts both hobbyists and professionals.
Sun-Lite® Glazing
provides highly diffused light completely free of glare and hot spots. This revolutionary benefit yields high quality, well shaped, symmetrical plants which grow faster, with better uniformity and size.

The Poissons, experienced New England gardeners, present their system for continuous food production. Inspired by French intensive gardening techniques that originally utilized bell-shaped glass jars called cloches to protect tender plants and extend the growing season, the Poissons have developed solar gardening "appliances," including the Solar Cone, the Solar Pod, and the Pod Extenders. Use of these mini-greenhouses, combined with other gardening techniques such as intercropping, crop rotation, and careful site and soil preparation, can make it possible to harvest fresh vegetables year-round. Details are given on how to build the solar appliances, followed by information on 90 garden crops grouped by three main categories: heat-loving, cold-hardy, and cold-tolerant vegetables. Although only those with considerable space will be able to implement fully the American Intensive system (a garden area of 40' x 40' is needed for a family of four), the Poissons provide useful gardening tips for all organic gardeners. Highly recommended for all vegetable gardening collections.



Solar Gardening Book__________#15271___________$39.95   Free Shipping! 48 States only


Making A Solar Cone Using Sun-Lite® Glazing

Cut Sun-Lite® HP with tin snips. Mark holes as shown for either pop rivets or plastic bolts and nuts.  Form into cone and clamp both ends.  Drill through marks with appropriate size drill bit. One 35" diameter cone uses 1 sheet of Sun-Lite® HP .040" thick x 3' x 6'.  Download our Low Cost Gardening, Greenhouse and Solar Projects Booklet for complete instructions.