SOL 25 Plus Flat Plate Solar Collector


Over 25 Years of Solar Panel Experience

Highly efficient solar collector is suitable for many types of applications.

  • Selective absober coating
  • Copper absorber with copper water passages
  • Tempered glass with optimal light transmission
  • Durable weather resistant aluminum frame
  • Low profile 3" thickness
  • Can be mounted with either vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Full compliments of custom mounting hardware is available

Connections: 3/4"
Frame: Anodized aluminum
Absorber: Copper, titanium-nitrite-oxide coating
Thermal Insulation: Rockwool
Light Transmission: 92%
Heat Transfer Fluid: Non-toxic polypropylene glycol solution
Dimensions: 87-15/16"  x 48-1/8"  x 3-1/16"


The SOL 25 is ideal for Many Applications:

  • Residential or Commercial Water Heating
  • Space Heating
  • Swimming Pools

Advantages Include:

  • Appealing Design.
    The SOL 25 Plus has less depth than other panels, making it visually less obtrusive and compatable with existing architectural designs.

  • Maximum Efficiencies.
    The SOL 25 Plus is a real workhorse. The net absorber surface of almost 27 sq feet results in a maximum output of 6826 Btu per panel. The SOL 25 Plus also offers features such as a selective absorber coating, glass with the highest possible light transfer coefficient, and a very effective insulation around the absorber. The internal water passages are copper.

  • Installation Time is Minimized.
    The large panel size and the availability of a full complement of custom designed instal-lation accessories minimizes the installation costs.

    Lasting and Reliable Energy Saving Investments.
    The SOL 25 Plus is the culmination of 25 years of experience in the solar business.

SOL 25 plus Flat Plate Solar Collector______$689.00  call for freight quote. (603) 668-8186


The Beautiful "Skyline" Solar Water Heaters Have the Power and Features

You Need and Qualify*

For The

30% Federal Tax Credit!

For the first time in 20 years, millions of Americans have strong motivation and excellent incentives to install solar hot water systems, thus, an exciting era for solar water heating in the US has begun.

The system is centered around a powerful solar collector with a premium black crystal copper absorber. The all aluminum frame is attractive and beautifully designed. The shatterproof Sun-Lite® HP cover is much lighter and safer than glass.

The modular design makes your solar system easily upgradeable. Start with one panel and add more as your family or needs grow.

  • 100% Complete Solar Loop, a time saving Value!
  • The Much Lighter Weight "Skyline" Collector is safer and easier to install.
  • The 10-01 and collector weighs only 19 pounds and is an easy to carry 20" wide x 72" long. 
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty!
  • High Performance all copper "Black Crystal" absorber.
  • Unbreakable, Long Life, Sun-Lite® HP Glazing Cover. 
  • Modern Architectural Design Complements Your Home.
  • Patented "Disappearing Headers" and light weight for lower cost shipping, less damage, easier handling.

*SRCC Certified Tropical and Temperate Zone System 3  and Freeze Zone System 5, Qualify for the Credit. The credit has a $2,000 Cap, and the solar water heater must meet 50% or more of your families water heating energy needs. Always check with you Tax Professional for Tax Advice.

Your State May also Have a Solar Credit!



Skyline Solar Hot Water Collector __#14360____$299.00 + $45.00 UPS Shipping.


Also check out our Passive Water Heater Kit for $499.00

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