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Vinyl-Pane 8 mil Window Material

Vinyl-Pane® 8 mil thick UV stabilized vinyl material provides crystal clear clarity and is rated to -20 degrees F. It's heavy weight provides long service. Available in widths of: 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. Sold in 75' long rolls.  Great for covering screen porches for the winter!  Many other uses.

  • Crystal Clear
  • Reusable
  • Saves Heat
  • Easy To Install
  • Heavy Duty
  • UV Stabilized

Vinyl-Pane 8 mil Window Material

#01901 - 36" wide x 75' long roll - $90.00


#01911 - 48" wide x 75' long roll - $120.00


#01921 - 60" wide x 75' long roll - $150.00


#01931 - 72" wide x 75' long roll - $180.00